¡Viva Los Dodgers!

I swear I’m still a loyal Angels fan, but there was a cultural phenomenon at Dodger Stadium last weekend that is worth observing. It reminds many people of “Fernandomania” in 1981.

Last Sunday, with the “Viva Los Dodgers” festival being held in the parking lot behind center field, Latin superstar Jenni Rivera sang the National Anthem. When the Dodgers’ line up was announced, it was filled with Latin names like Ramirez, Gonzalez and Punto. When Adrian Gonzalez strolls to the plate for his at bat, he does it to Mexican ranchera music, to which thousand of people clap in unison.

In the fifth inning George Lopez was invited to spend time in the radio booth with Charley Steiner and Rick Monday. The result was hilarious. It’s a good thing nothing much happened in the game while Lopez was on the air, because listeners would’ve missed the action. Everyone was bowled over laughing.

Lopez is a die-hard Dodger fan who shows up every home stand. He says he “grew up in the left field pavilion.” When asked how he liked the look of the Dodgers, he replied, “If we get any browner, we’ll be like the Colonel’s chicken— golden brown.”

If you’re of Mexican descent, and grew up in Southern California, then you automatically get his humor. When Steiner asked him to make his prediction for the Dodgers, Lopez said, “I predict there will be a lot more fans with neck tattoos in the stands the rest of the year.” He said he loved the addition of Tijuana’s Gonzalez because “It gives me one more person who might co-sign an auto loan for me. Matt Kemp wasn’t too crazy about the idea.” He said Gonzalez probably had a lot on his mind, like where he was going to live while playing here. “I told him I had an aunt with an extra room, but he didn’t seem interested.” On and on it went.

As my friend who was there last Sunday described it, it sounded like a lot of fun- perhaps even enough to make me want to go to a Dodger game one more time before the end of the season.

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