Ms. Diaz sits on the advisory board of trustees of "The Joyful Child Foundation." The foundation was started by children's advocate Erin Runnion. Laura's commitment to this cause grew from her extensive coverage of the murder of Erin's daughter, Samantha, by a sexual predator in 2002. The foundation works to organize neighborhood watches around the country and keep child predators off the streets.

At the end of 2004, 51 programs had been established concentrated in the Orange County, California area of southern California. The California Conservatory of the Arts sponsored a group called the Kids Next Door who recorded a fundraising Christmas album at the end of 2004 with funds going to the Joyful Child Foundation.

In addition to funding the "Samantha's Pride" initiative, the Joyful Child Foundation will use donations to fund children's creative writing and artistic programs; and fund nonprofit organisations that seek to prevent child abuse and abduction; and research into predator behaviour and recidivism.

Laura is dedicated to education in all its life enhancing forms. She is a member of the Diversity Committee for the prestigious Pasadena Playhouse. The Playhouse has a rich history in launching new works and landmark revivals for the American Theatre. It is deeply committed to cultural and theatrical diversity. With a degree in English, Laura has always had a deep appreciation of the arts. And, she considers one of the greatest pleasures of living in Southern California its racially diverse population. Her creative contribution to The Playhouse allows her to blend the best of both worlds.


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Anchor Laura Diaz sits on the advisory board of trustees of "The Joyful Child Foundation."
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